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Tiger Brand Paint Remover

RM 12.50

Single component heavy-duty paint remover. Contains unique formulary blend of solvents, additives and chemicals that penetrate and dislodge existing coatings from the substrates. Recommended for use on metallic substrates. Removes most types of coatings. Supplied as a ready to use material with easy application properties. Suitable for industrial and marine use.

TIGER BRAND PAINT REMOVER is a very flammable and therefore no naked flames or smoking should be allowed around the vicinity during application. Always use personal protection when handling this product and avoid placing the face directly over the container when opening. Remove the unwanted paint using a scrapper while still wet. * It use to remove unwanted paint * Removal rapidly and efficiently removes most generic paint types. * Apply the paint remover on the unwanted paint and wait for the paint to dislodge from the substrate.