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RM 36.50

Product Description:

Momento Clear Coat is water based acrylic clear coat. It is specially formulated as an extra protection coating on top of Nippon Momento Elegant, Sparkle Series, Frost Series and Cloud series to improve washability and protects against dirt and water staining.

Product Features:

  • Good washability
  • Protects against dirt and water staining
  • Easy application
  • Environmental friendly

Packing: 1L / 5L

Colour: Clear

Coating System

TypeProduct NameNo. of Coat(s)
Sealer / PrimerSealer/Primer - Vinilex 5200 Wall Sealer / Vinilex 5500 Wall Sealer/ Vinilex 5400 Wall Sealer / Hi-Bond Wall Sealer (on powdery or skim-coated surface) / ECO-Bond Wall Sealer (on powdery or skim-coated surface)1 coat
TopcoatMomento Elegant/Sparkle/Frost and Desginer Series1-2 coats
Clear CoatMomento Clear Coat1-2 coats