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Nicora Signature Red Wood & Metal Paint

RM 8.00

Nicora Signature Red

-  Premium Quality Grade 1

 -  For Indoor & Outdoor Use


* Ideal for D.I.Y. & Antirust 

* Water and fungus resistant 

* Strenth & Excellent colour retention 

* Excellent weather durability. 2X UV protection 

* Easy to brush, roll or spray with excellent flow and levelling 

Recommended Uses:

Ideal for new and previously painted surfaces purposely for decoration and protection of surfaces such as metal fixtures, cement, wood, advertising materials, PVC, paper, sculpture, statue, art &craft, ceramic, plaster, fiberglass, polystyrene, wall, stone and clay, etc. 

Colour: Red

Packing: 30G / 250G / 1KG