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Davco CTC800 Ceramic Tiles Cleaner

RM 18.00

DAVCO CTC 800 CERAMIC TILE CLEANER are general purpose cleaners designed for routine maintenance of showers, bathrooms and other tile/stone/mansonry installations. Both products safely and easily remove mold and mildew, as well as mineral deposits, hardwater and rust stains. Davco Ceramic Tile Cleaner 800 concentrate are ideal for stripping out grout haze, cement/mortars smears and efflorescene from new and renovated constructions. Cleaner are suitable for interior or exterior use over vertical or horizontal surfaces. Davco Ceramic Tile Cleaner 800 concentrate provides extra strenght for industrial/institutional demand and dilutes with water.

Basic Uses:-
Ceramic Tile
Glass Block
Unpolished Marble
Concrete Block
Grout Joints
Glass Showers Doors
Vanity/Counter Tops
Quarry Tile
Metal Fixtures

Easy to Use
Quickly applied sprayer, scrub brush, sponge, roller or rag.

Fast Acting:-
Penetrates and lifts mold/mildew, soil, soapy/oil, scum, cement films, grout haze and stains; open cleaned areas to traffic in minutes

Wear hand glove recommanded. Non Flammable, Non Solvents, Bleach or Muriatic Acid, Non-fuming-clean, Fresh fragrance, Does not attack aluminium, chrome, fiberglass or acrylic finishes.

Use Instruction:-
Mix 1 Part of Davco Ceramic Tile Cleaner 800 concrete to 3 part of clean water applied with sprayer, leave it 5 min or more depends on dirty situation, and use scrub brush, sponge, roller or rag to clean it. Repeat step when needed.

Do not use on polished marble, polished limestone, terazzo, terrazo tile or bronze/metalic glazed tiles. Avoid to contact with porcelain fixtures, sink or tubs

Packing: 1L / 4 L