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RM 167.00

Packing Size: 4 Liter (Base) + 1 Liter (Hardener).

Product Description :

Nippon EA4 Finish is a two-pack amine-adduct cured epoxy finish for use on steel and cement surfaces where chemical, oil and abrasion resistant coating is required. Nippon EA4 Finish is also available in non-skid quality.Highlights of this product include:Excellent adhesion Good resistance to mechanical damage Abrasion resistance. This product is usually applied over a suitable primer, undercoat or build-up coat. For maximum performance, apply 2 coats of Nippon Paint's Hycote 51WT Primer as an underlying system. It is highly encouraged to apply the correct paint system when using this product.

Highlights of this product include:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good resistance to mechanical damage
  • Abrasion resistance



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