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Product Description:
Federal Fedelite emulsion is a premium modified Vinyl acrylic wall finish with excellent flow and high smooth for interior application. Fedelite emulsion is suitable for interior concrete and masonry. Not recommended for areas subject to heavy or frequent condensation

Product Data:
Recommended Dry film Thickness : 30 ~ 40 microns
Drying times Touch Dry : 15 - 20 minutes
Hard Dry : 1 hour
Recoat Min : 1 hours
Theoretical coverage : 10 ~ 12 m² / liter per coat
Volume Solids : Approximately 35%
Mixing Ratio (by volume) : The paint is ready for use after proper stirring. If thinning is required, water may be added up to a max 5%.

Packing: 5L
Colour: White